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Founded in 2013 by Riccardo Cangini, a highly skilled veteran techno-entrepreneur, and on the verge of expansion of virtual & augmented reality and smartphones, Be2Bit was created with a mission: to bring a new generation of digital content to the market.

Above the founder with S1mOne, the first Real Size Avatar conceived by Be2Bit. Real Size Avatars has been experienced during the ICE Totally Gaming held in London in February 2017.


Our main development studio is located on the beautiful island of Malta, exactly in the  middle of the wonderful city of Sliema. 

A semi-virtual company

Though there are offices ours is almost a virtual organization, with employees around the world. 


In fact we encourage international collaborations and remote jobs.


While for some teams the thought of not sitting next to their co-workers doesn’t sound that great, for other working from home or from their cities is a dream come true. Exactly how I did when I started 30 years ago.

Proudly we're a semi-virtual company and with very skilled and happy team we always get great results.