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Founded in 2013 by Riccardo Cangini,,a highly skilled veteran techno-entrepreneur, and on the verge of expansion of virtual & augmented reality and smartphones, Be2Bit was created with a mission: to bring a new generation of digital content to the market.



Our main development studio is located on the beautiful island of Malta, exactly in the  middle of the wonderful city of Sliema. 


A semi-virtual company

Though there are offices ours is almost a virtual organization, with employees around the world. 


In fact we encourage international collaborations and remote jobs.


While for some teams the thought of not sitting next to their co-workers doesn’t sound that great, for other working from home or from their cities is a dream come true. Exactly how I did when I started 30 years ago.

Proudly we're a semi-virtual company and with very skilled and happy team we always get great results.

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