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Be2Bit develops customized Mixed, Augmented, Virtual Reality apps till last frontier Phygital Tourism solutions.
Feel free to contact us regarding your project.
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We're official developer on main Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality platforms: Hololens, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Epson Moverio and Google Glass.

Some of the last AR VR MR experiences

Real Size Avatars

Real Size Avatars is a system that allows you to show life-size virtual characters with the possibility of sharing photos on social networks.

A sophisticated and highly optimized technology that allows to obtain high quality even through smartphones and tablets not of the latest generation.

Real Size Avatars has been experienced during the ICE Totally Gaming held in London in February 2017.

RealSize Avatar demo.JPG

Super Mario Augmented Reality

It's always exiciting when licensed third party ask us for custom AR/VR applications for events, shows, advergame and promotional.
We're honored and happy to work with very known international companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, National Italian RAI channels, Nestlè, Ferrero, Fiat, Ducati, Mastercard and a lot of other great brands.
Check Super Mario clip to imagine what we could do for your brand!

Ubisoft - SuperMarchè Match

Conceived as AR card advergame it was been one of the first augmented reality promo application.

Phygital Tourist Platform

Developed for Valletta 2018 Culture Capital and tried by Konrad Mizzi, Malta Minister of culture, Phygital Tourist is one of the most advanced mixed reality experience that mix entertainment with didactics and tourism experience. 

VisorTour 4 real estate

Visortour is the fastest desk & mobile tool in the market that allows users to quickly create fantastic virtual tours!

Visor Experience

Sold in bundle with Big Ben HMD (head mounted device) it's one of the first VR app especially conceived for kids and families.
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