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Be2Bit works on customized projects that mix specific hardware + software solutions such as: television realtime interactive solutions, driving, health and medical simulators, augmented and mixed reality integrations.
Veterans in 3D technologies, in addition to videogames, we have also designed and built very innovative custom applications such as:
Top Moment, the 1st television system of slow motion 3D football matches broadcasted from TGS of RAI1 (1995/6). >>> LINK
For the Italian national television RAI1-SOLLETICO the first VIRTUAL SCENOGRAPHIES were developed with synchronism computerized and motorized between camera and scenographies where the television presenter was immersed within the scene animated. The quality achieved in real time through our sophisticated technologies were the best imaginable at the time. >>> LINK
Again for the RAI1 'Solletico' transmission of Italian National Television the 1st DTMF phone videogames and the interactive cartoons.
The 1st Italian Endotrainer simulator was been the 1st application including development and hardware interfacing with an "endoscopic" device, allowed the operator to simulate a real operation of endoscopy where it was possible to navigate and operate a virtual one pathology in endo-gastro scopino.
The 1st VIRTUAL DRIVING SIMULATOR intended for the driving school market. The multi-monitor simulator, equipped with a cabin cruiser with all driving controls (hand brake included), allowed a novice student to learn to drive by simulating the various urban and extra-urban situations. The simulator in 2001 was previewed in Turin at the 1st European conference on Virtual Reality.

Some of the last special projects

Lilly Racing leap motion

LeapMotion Icon.png
LILLY RACING LEAP MOTION is a promotional game that, through the leap motion technology, lets the user to drive the Lilly's jeep using one hand gesture.

Mastercard charity card reader

MASTERCARD TOTEM CHARITY is a custom app that lets good people to donate and help children through their contactless credit card.

The totem was been presented in the magic frame of the 74th Venice International Film Festival organised by La Biennale di Venezia,  from August 30th to September 9th, 2017.

Virtual Football Player

​Virtual Football Player is a system that lets to insert a video contribution of a real player, actor, character or even animal within a given live space; the augmented reality system can work both with and without a visor (HMD).

Augmented retail

Augmented Retail is a very innovative marketing invention: a system that through a single QR Code lets any user play in augmented reality on a retail content.

For example through a marketing campaign, customers can gain money that can be spent in the same betting game.

Still, the system can work even if the user is not playing the game!

Contact us for further details.
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