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We have been true pioneers in Italy: we were the first to develop promotional videogames and since then this specific area of the market has significally grown, and we have too!

In 1999 we made the 1st promotional video game, the Cocco Game, developed by Artematica before the rising of the adver-game sector, then we decided to create a specific division in b2b. This took many years.
We made a lot of advergames and gamification projects for prestigious companies such as: Microsoft, Disney, Ferrero, Granarolo, Nestle, TIM, Vodafone, Fiat, Disquared2, Octo Telematics, RAI1, RAI2, Canale 5, Sky, Publicis, Thun, Karl Lagerfeld, Giunti Editore, Mondadori, Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso, Vasco Rossi and many others.
In the advergame and gamification areas we have worked with well-known brands, from Winx Club to Sandokan, from Pinocchio to Montser Allergy, from Robin Hood to Alice in Wonderland, through Tony Wolf and Fantacalcioville up to smaller brands that have achieved excellent results too.

Cut the cost!


Yes, we can cut production costs of promotional games! 




It's simple, we're a game development company, so we can reskin some of our existent videogames, of course if the kind of product is the one desired from the client.

What is Reskinning? In short Reskinning is a process where we haven't to create a new game from scratch. 

We take a pre-made source code from the list of our apps/games and change it’s design completely, to give it a brand new look as requested by the client. 

Is it a good solution?


There are many benefits of reskinning pre-made codes such as:

  • saving development time, 

  • cutting costs, 

  • minimizing risks,

  • pre visualizing how will be the game.

This is a pretty good way for even a smaller company to obtain a good customized adver-game without spending a fortune.

Some of the last advergames


Dsquared2land is an html5 game with a lot of arcade embedded minigames, finishing the game the player earns a special discount that can redeem through the web-store of the well-known brand.


The first videogame for smartphones launched by THUN has arrived!

Pandalavita is the official game of the Panda! An endless and completely free arcade game.


The Panda THUN must face infinite levels, maneuvering itself between obstacles and bonuses.  


Share the score you have achieved with your friends on Facebook, to see who is the best and ... above all ... Pandalavita!


Ferrero Animal-Action

One of the best advergames developed in recent years, available on iOS and Android is a multiplayer card game made for Ferrero.
Through the use of unique codes within the packages, the player could improve the performance of his cards and get the advantages at stake.
The promotion went so well that from the 2 months of the classic 'back to school' time it was extended up to 12 months.

Karl Lagerfeld puzzle game

Augmented Retail is a very innovative marketing invention: a system that through a single QR Code lets any user play in augmented reality on a retail content.

For example through a marketing campaign, customers can gain money that can be spent in the same betting game.

Still, the system can work even if the user is not playing the game!

Contact us for further details.
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