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In its extensive history of video game production, Artematica has evolved into Be2Bit's specialized brand for multi-platform game development. 

Artematica develops games independently, in partnership, and for third-party clients. Among its recent productions are:

With a focus on adventure, sports, arcade, social, card, and various other genres, Artematica has birthed games that have been globally published by major companies such as Disney, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and Codemasters.

  • Linneo (In Progress) [Web]

  • Spike Game [PC, MAC, iOS, Android]

  • CryptoChronic [Web]

  • CyberDeck (In Progress) [PC]

  • CN Heroes Card Battle [iOS, Android]

  • Violetta Music Adventure [iOS, Android]

  • Animal Action [iOS, Android]

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