Unlike a site, by platform here we mean a software system that allows third parties to optimize, automate or accelerate a process of development and or business, basically aimed at the digital sector.

Over time we have developed technologies and experience in this specific sub-segment of digital development.

Some of our platforms:

Digital Horto 2.0 [temporary name]

It's a rather articulated and complete Backend-CSM-Client platform that allows you to manage crops through an app in a fun and educational way but at the same time closely connected to an ecommerce. It's what we call a "Phygital platform"

Slot constructor [work in progress]

It's a white label commission related to a third-party platform that allows the industrialization of the reskin process of the various slots; the client through the game engine api allows a non-programmer to finalize the html code of a client slot.

AR promo solution

It is an invention of ours, that is, a new marketing system that allows a company to promote augmented reality contents by framing  with the mobile device the real items placed on the shelves.

• the mobile app (iOS / Android)
• the QR code generator
• a CMS to allow an operator to enter the infos that then are provided in AR on the app
• a server that contains the data to be transmitted via the app

Focaccia OnLine

It's a custom ecommerce platform specialized in the sale of Focaccia made locally from the most renowned bakeries.
The platform allows industrialization of the entire order process, courier booking and delivery of items to customers; this allows merchants to immediately collect the proceeds generated by the sale as if it had taken place locally while the focaccia is sold miles away and also abroad.


It's our Visortour platform that is the fastest desk & mobile solution in the market that allows users to quickly create fantastic virtual tours!

It's mainly adopted in real estate field and in the virtual art show tours.

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